Heather Stark

As a young girl, I chose doubt over spirit. I believed I must conform to culture's standards of what and who a girl should be: perfect body, perfect emotions, perfect face. This thought process left me empty. When you are empty, you accept doubts as truths. I spent many years living this false life. In fact, not until I was an adult did I feel empowered enough to embrace my authentic self – my true inner spirit.

I started Grace & Grit as a means to inspire young girls to live their dreams. My German grandpa was known in his farming community for saying, “Wir leben ur einmal” which, loosely translated, is “We live but once.” His sentiment still rings true for me. No girl should waste time living a life of doubt. And helping girls find, and feel comfortable with, their spirit is one of the most profound things I ever have done.



Heather Stark is the founder of Grace & Grit and its sister company, Gracefully Strong. With a master’s in school counseling from Dallas Baptist University and a bachelor’s in psychology from The University of North Texas, Heather has dedicated her career to inspiring confidence in girls of all ages. She is trained in crisis management and has won awards and grants during her time serving school districts, including 2004-2005 Teacher of the Year for Liberty Elementary School.